Find Norton setup product key?

The 25-character alpha-numeric code is printed on the back of the card. Here is a Sample Product Key to make you understand:

If you face any problem setup, installing, downloading or any other problem kindly Call USA/CANADA 1-855-251-5999 (Toll Free),
United Kingdom 0800-046-5200 (Toll Free),
Australia 1-800-958-211(Toll Free)

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Proper Norton Security Product Key for Norton Setup

Simplified download and installation process for any Norton Product

After a successful online purchase of a Norton product Key, you need to download, install, properly setup and activate it. Fortunately, our online store avails a simplified process to perform the mentioned tasks to completion. The entire can take up around 25 minutes. Before you begin with it, take care of the following pre-requisites:

  • Close down any application to save processing power, Norton is processor intensive application, you will need it.
  • Use Internet Explorer for a smoother setup experience

Norton 360

If you ever consider purchasing a Norton security product, go for the all-in-one security of Norton 360. This application provides the most robust protection offline and online. To buy this application:

  • Go to the official site
  • Register yourself.
  • Select the Norton 360 among the listed products.
  • Enter the transactional details and download Norton Setup
  • If you want to defer downloading for a later time, the site will send you a confirmation email you can use.

In case you reside in Australia, you have access to free assistance. For any issues related to download and installation of the application, you can contact our toll-free number (…..)

ActiveX controls

ActiveX controls enable the users to properly download and install the antivirus application. Many users might not have this application installed beforehand. To that end, they will receive a prompt to install this add-on.

  • Select the activated link on the message and then click on Install ActiveX
  • Click install after being prompted with a security warning.

Note: this add-on is only meant to smooth out the installation of any Norton product; it is not the product itself.

Download and Install

Once you have purchased the program, the download should start automatically

  • In case the automated download is not initialized, check upon your internet connection. Once the downloading is started, it will take about 8 minutes. After completion, automatic extraction will start.
  • In case the automated extraction is not initialized, click on the Norton icon on the desktop. This will begin the extraction and the installation process.
  • Agree to the user agreement and proceed.
  • Select the installation drive and other options. We recommend that the default mode is best to get the maximum out of Norton.
  • Click on Next to proceed.

The entire process takes around 10 minutes. If you have access to a decent processor, the time taken might be marginally less.

Account activation after installation

Once you have installed the application, you will have to create a Norton account. In case you have bought the application digitally, then you are already registered. As for the manual installation, you will have to create a new account and register your product there. Once registered, update and configuration process will be initiated.

The first scan and the first update

After you are done with the complete installation and setup process, it is always prudent to perform the first scan right away. This will ensure initial system security from any type of malware, viruses, Trojans, spywares etc.

After the scan is finished, click on the “fix” button to update the virus definitions.

Once the process of setup, installation and activation are completed, you will be presented with a green indicator across the board. This means that the application is fully protecting the system.

With just a click, you can have access to Norton Customer Support. You can either click the link given on your security product or access direct Norton Setup Support. To contact us, you can put a call on our toll-free Norton Support Number 1-800-958-211.